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If you are planning to have a church wedding you will both need to have your banns of marriage read in the parish church where you live. The parish map opposite shows which roads are covered by our church. The area to the east comes into the parish of All Saints, Durham Road.

Holy Trinity is also a great place to get married, whether you live in the parish or have a legally qualifying connection with this historic place of worship. The most common connections are:


  • either or both of you were baptised here;

  • either or both of you have previously lived within the parish;

  • either or both of you have been regularly worshipping here for six months or more;

  • the parents of either of you were married here, or lived within the parish, or attended public worship here for at least six months.


Fr Marius will be delighted to talk to you about any of the arrangements you need to make.

Parish Map
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