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The engaging history of Holy Trinity Church, East Finchley, reads like a story of love rewarded. From the beginning, the awareness of spiritual needs in the local community was complemented by the natural response of philanthropists. Its creation reflects that social conscience which grew up during the Victorian era. 


Our church was built in the middle of fields and was designed by a famous Victorian architect, Anthony Salvin (1799 - 1881), who lived in Elmhurst House, on the other side of East End Road. The church was consecrated on 1st of August 1846.


The stained glass windows are a particular feature, as many of them are of a very high quality, especially those behind the main altar and those in the north aisle in memory of various members of the Lermitte family, benefactors to the church over many years.


For more than 170 years now, "our beautiful little church" has been at the heart of the growing village of East Finchley, the spiritual home for generations of people where a broad and inclusive community based ministry has been maintained and developed. While a core group of our congregation has been with Holy Trinity for many years, many have joined us recently, having found with us a welcoming and friendly community.


Please, do come and visit us. We hope to meet you soon.

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