The Service: What to expect

Our service follows the same pattern every Sunday morning.

First we all meet together to sing and pray.

Then the children go to their own activities in a separate room next to the church.
Whilst the children are learning the adults are learning too.
We listen to readings from the bible and then look at what God has said in the ancient scriptures and just how it is directly relevant to the lives we are trying to live now.

Then we pray. We pray for the world, the work of the church and especially for the people who live and work in East Finchley and anyone we know to be in special need of prayer.

This leads naturally into greeting one another. We are invited to ‘pass the peace’, which means shaking the hand of those around us, usually with the words ‘peace be with you’, or a special word of encouragement if one is needed.

Then we come to the Eucharist or Communion itself. We celebrate, with words and singing, the fact that Jesus died to reconcile us to God, that he rose again and that he is part of lives right now. The symbols of this are the bread and wine, the body and blood of Christ.

Everyone is invited to come up to the altar where we take turns to stand in a semi circle and either receive the bread and wine, or to be prayed for. The children join us as well.
This is the moment in the service when we reach out to God most demonstrably, and believe he reaches out to us in a very special way.

Everyone is invited to share in this. If this is not something you are used to, or are not ready for, all you have to do is stand with your head bowed. Instead of offering you the bread the priest or minister will ask God to bless you and meet you in everything you do in the week ahead.

In every church there is a time for the notices. This is it. We find out what is coming up and hear what the children have been learning.

Then with a final hymn and a blessing we are encouraged to

'Go in Peace to Love and Serve the Lord'

Afterwards it is time for coffee, to meet our friends and make new ones.

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